Story Untold is a nationally syndicated radio show featuring Doo Wop and early Rock and Roll on many FM and AM stations across the US and Canada. Story Untold goes well beyond the hits and plays B-sides, LP only cuts and exclusive, unreleased material from the record collection of the show’s host, P.J. Noce.

Story Untold plays predominantly original vinyl, and has been greatly enhanced by the kindness of collectors such as Cris Vangel, Charles Kasper, Paul Gruber, Isaiah Estrada, Josue Perez, Gerald Mendez, Nelson Gomez, Joe Worth, Mark Goldfarb, Ricky Arias, Phil Gutkowski, Paul Michel, Breaden McCollow, and Toot (hey, he’s a sax man). Between P.J. Noce’s collection and the music that these collectors have shared, we have amassed a high quality, exclusive collection of original vinyl and shellac for the world to enjoy on Story Untold.

Listen to The Story Untold Sunday nights at 9pm on WISL Radio!