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The Sounds of Sinatra with Sid Mark

The Sounds of Sinatra with Sid Mark

Sid has demonstrated a consistency in broadcast excellence that is unmatched in a business that is constantly changing with the direction of the wind or the latest, disposable chart topping fad.  The traditions of “Friday with Frank”, “Sunday with Sinatra” and the nationally syndicated “Sounds of Sinatra” are the only programs of their kind to have been personally authorized by Frank Sinatra.

With 60 years of broadcast history in Philadelphia and 37 years of national radio syndication, Sid has proved that there is an audience for quality radio.  For more than half a century he has presented the music of Frank Sinatra from the standpoint of a “friend” as well as a fan.  This is something that no one can do, although many have attempted to duplicate his style and program.

As the host of the longest running, single artist, syndicated radio program in America, Sid continues to be the leading authority on Frank Sinatra and his entertainment legacy.  With nearly one million listeners each week, from across the country, the dedication to the music of Frank Sinatra and the appreciation of Sid Mark and his program continue to be growing elements that will never be equaled in the history of radio.

Sid’s personal relationship with Sinatra began in the mid 1960’s. His programs feature exclusive tapes of conversations with Frank and many of his show business contemporaries. Sid’s programs have led to the national syndication of “The Sounds of Sinatra,” now heard on nearly 100 radio stations from coast to coast. Sid Mark’s Sinatra programs are special because he offers more than just Frank’s remarkable music. Sid adds fascinating insights into Sinatra’s career, with personal anecdotes and stories behind the music. Frank Sinatra’s music is timeless. And Sid mark makes every program a show to remember.

Sid’s radio career began in the late 1950’s on WHAT AM on an all-night show playing jazz and Frank Sinatra. WHAT AM evolved into the first full time jazz station in the country when Mark launched the famous Mark of Jazz for which he was awarded the Billboard Magazine’s Program Director of the Year in 1974.  The following year, the station now WWDB FM, changed format to the first talk station on FM. After 45 years at WWDB, a station format change brought Sid to 1210 AM – WPHT. He has received numerous accolades including induction into the Broadcast Pioneers Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 2001.

Throughout his outstanding career, Sid has been honored with many awards, including:

  • Billboard Magazine: “Program Director of the Year” 1974
  • Philadelphia Magazine: “Best Music Program of the Year” 1974
  • Philadelphia OIC: “Community Service Award” 1983
  • Philadelphia Music Alliance: “Walk of Fame” 1993
  • Certificate of Appreciation for Fundraising Extraordinaire: For the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center. More than $10,000 was raised for the center that cares for abused children in 1993
  • March of Dimes Lifetime Achievement Award / AIR Achievement in Radio 2006

Sid worked with the Child Guidance Clinic in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.  He was partnered with Phillies’ members Larry Bowa, Mike Schmidt, and Gary Maddox, to name a few.

You can listen to Sid’s program every Sunday morning from 10AM until Noon right here on WISL Radio!


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