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Rockabilly & Blues Radio Hour

Rockabilly & Blues Radio Hour

James Riley’s mom’s Elvis albums and movies like American Graffiti and Buddy Holly Story left quite the impression on him that continues to this day. he lives in the Nashville, TN area and seeks out record stores everywhere he goes looking for music that fuels this passion. He’s done radio promotions for over 20 years and started this radio show in early 2014 as an outlet to help spread music that moves him.

His goal is to help people remember the music they loved and turn them on to new favorites. Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour is a unique blend of modern and vintage rockabilly, blues, surf, roots, early rock and country. The show also has exclusive interviews with artists both new and legendary like Dion, The Beach Boys, Billy Burnette, Robert Gordon, Phil Alvin (The Blasters), Kim Wilson (Fabulous Thunderbirds) and much more! So tune in Saturday mornings at 10AM right here on WISL-AM 1480.


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