It was the decade of Platform Shoes, Richard Nixon and The Pet Rock. Every Sunday afternoon at 2PM Mike Walker puts on his Bellbottoms, for a walk down memory lane with “Saving the 70’s”!
Mike Walker is a 39 year veteran of the “radio wars”, and is a 70’s music and culture FANATIC! “Saving the 70s” specializes in songs that traditional radio forgot, but you never will. And it’s not just the music that’ll keep you coming back. “Saving the 70s” is loaded with sound bites from 70’s music, tv, movies, news events, commercials, and more, presented at breakneck speed as Mike races back from the restroom before “American Pie” runs out! Listen to “Saving The 70’s” Sunday Afternoons afternoons at 2PM right here on AM 1480 WISL!